Frequently Asked Questions About Your Orders of Automotive Accessories:

Q) How can I verify the status of my order?

A: Log in to your account, go to Orders, choose the order number for which you need an update, and you will see the product processing status. Would you please log in now?

 Q) What are the five most essential car accessories?

A: Here's a list of the Top 5 Automobile Accessories.

  1. Automobile Covers
  2. Car Cleaning Equipment
  3. Seat Covers for Cars
  4. Perfumes for automobiles
  5. Parking sensors and cameras in automobiles

Q) Why are you refusing to take my credit card?

A: There are a variety of reasons why a credit card transaction fails. Your card may have expired or surpassed its limit, or a credit card computer on our or your bank's end may have had a mechanical problem. If you have any issues, please get in touch with Customer Service. Would you please supply them with any error message numbers you may have received, as well as your shopping cart order number?

Q) What if my cargo arrives damaged?

A: Please notify Customer Service within 24 hours of receiving your order if something went wrong and you received damaged items. Would you please bring your order number with you? Please retain the product's package material, photograph it, and send it to us to explore the problem. As soon as we get the damaged product, we will begin the replacement/refund procedure. Check the return policy as well.

Q) How do you handle returns and refunds?

A: If you have a problem with your order, please get in touch with Customer Service within two days of receiving it, and refunds will be given on an individual basis. Would you please bring your order number with you?

Q) When will I receive my order if I put it today?

A: You should get an order confirmation within the next several days. Would you please allow 2-4 business days for your order to be processed? You will get a shipment confirmation email with your order's tracking number once it has been dispatched. Depending on the product weight, delivery time varies by location and mode of conveyance.

Q) What happens if I don't get my order?

A: Your tracking number may be found in your delivery confirmation email. If no update is available or the product has been in a single state for more than two days, please contact Customer Service, who will gladly assist you. Shipping Regulations

Q) What is the procedure for canceling an order?

A: Purchases that are immediately accessible for download cannot be canceled. Only pre-ordered purchases are subject to cancellation. Please get in touch with Customer Service if you paid by credit card and need to cancel your order. For a quicker response, please remember to mention your order number. Check the Cancellation Policy as well.

Q) Why is it necessary for me to accept cookies?

 A: Our shopping cart relies on cookies. We use cookies to keep track of the items in your shopping basket, as well as discounts and other purchase details. The cookie identifies the contents of your shopping cart (items, coupons, and so on) or order information (billing and personal information are not saved in the cookie). The cookie is used to speed up the checkout process and improve your shopping experience each time you purchase on the site.



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