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Many jobs at other Organizations keep you locked down to one or two departments without any chance to learn how the other departments work or interrelate. We don't have any such bureaucracy. You are allowed to interact with other departments and learn how they work. It's a group effort to aid you. All you have to do is ask politely and with respect. In addition, it's a tonne of fun & fascinating! The impact of your work on corporate performance is evident.

We strictly follow the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) approach. A company's OKR may be closely related to your own! Both exciting and nerve-racking, it's a great experience. You are immediately given a lot of responsibilities.

The right to attempt and fail. As a team member, you are allowed to submit an idea to your teammates/Category Lead or Manager. This means that your ideas & plans will be heard, considered and then approved or rejected (with a good & reasonable explanation, of course) by the group.

Assemble a team of youthful and energetic individuals. Merit and performance alone determine a person's advancement.

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